Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tree house

With the new workshop space functioning well, it became apparent that a meeting room and sandwich scoffing area was now required.
So we set about weaving one, in our old faithful horse chestnut tree, before it developed its crown this year.

The build took the best part of two days to complete. The timber and the steps were all salvaged from the wood burning pile and the frame created from some stouti-sh osier and woven in a Triandra willow. Scale wise the specification had to be 'Tom sized'! It contains seating for three with plenty of floor space and a pulley system for supplies.

So, on the evening it materialised, I waited until nightfall, then lit the tree with candles.
The kids were the first to lead the way into the darkness, to find what looked from a distance, like a giant glowing nest that had fallen from the sky and landed in our tree!
Hot chocolate awaited them in the glowing egg shaped den to take the chill of the evening and we agreed this was arguably the best den in the village...
...yes of course we let the kids play in there, they just have to book it in, in the diary in-between board meetings and various business luncheons!

Please note the pulley system for raising supplies up into the tree :


Ed said...

I need to book some time in there!

Salix said...

The most beautiful tree house!