Thursday, October 27, 2011

Griffefields Sunflower Theatre

I've got some catching up to do on this dusty old blog, so its out with the besom to clear away them cobwebs...
I've had a brilliant summer! And before the children packed away their satchels for the school holidays , we started a new build at a school in derby at Griffefield primary.
The brief was to create an outdoor performance area, a theater of sorts for the children to bring out their inner thespian.
The design is based on a sunflower, the petals forming a boundary and giving a feel of enclosure. We installed hard-wearing oak benches throughout to seat a couple of classes.
A gateway of honey bees and foliage invites the children, performers and audience into the space.
The whole school (400+!) helped to weave the petals, each class created a 3D sunflower seed on a stick and a seed hat!
The children will keep them in their classrooms and carry the seeds to and from the space as its used, like a permanent cycle of seed dispersal, which I'm all for.

Thank you to Emma Smith of Griffefield for support/Tea and cakes, also Frazer Johnston, Andy Cowling and Pete Z.

All These cards are hand drawn Thank-yous. Beautiful illustrations and messages from some of the children that took part, attached to a willow Ball!