Monday, May 23, 2011

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011.

Here's a sneaky peak at our tree feature in the continuous learning area based on the physalis (Cape gooseberry) form (Japanese lantern) as it degrades and exposes its berry.

I've created a 4.5 meter tall piece with a handsome canopy made from a combination of willow, steel and tissue paper, subtly illuminated with LEDs.

The project pulled in assistance from the whole family, my three year old daughter presented me with a real physalis stem last autumn "hey daddy, this is for you" and I hung it in my office and drew inspiration, my father in law volunteered his skills more than once, my brother in law helped out, my nephew (Rory) who is an electrical whizz, the wife and finally my Dad. It's a touching realisation that this is 4 generations pulling together, to help me achieve my goals, if ever there was a reminder of the beauty of families...

So onsite last week, I tapped up my friend from Kew, a flower show wouldn't be complete without help planting from Steve, we have ferns, foxgloves, scabious, grasses and lavender all set naturally beneath the foot of the tree framed by a lovely oak bench.

The show is on until next saturday and will be covered by the BBC.

I wonder what my daughter will find this year ..........