Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Landscape Show at Olympia Kensington.

Last week we created a show feature for the this year's Landscape Show at Olympia Kensington,
Olympia really is lovely inside, with lots of natural light flooding in and the whole show was very well... erm... organised... by the organisers!
The 2 day event saw a steady flow of professionals seeking out its charms, aimed at urban garden spaces with a huge wealth of ideas and creativity for lovely green interiors too.
We put together a poppy and honey bee installation dressed with hostas, bark and our handsome oak bench.

Here is a view from the balcony, can you spot us?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Significant Figures.

I've got my name in a book... it's alongside several makers that I have the utmost respect for, I am in fact doffing my linen cap as we speak.
It's a book by Derek Reay which logs 86 working artists and craftsmen in Britain, a broad cross-section of makers from a bookbinder to a stone carver.
It feels like a moment in time captured.
Some of the said makers are the last in their line, some achieving the highest awards their industry can bestow, all carving out a path of their own.
In the foreword section of the book written by David Linley, he reminds us that 'Significant Figures' rejoices in the skills of craftsmanship, it also serves as a prescient reminder of the need to encourage the British government and educational authorities to nurture the skills of such trades in the younger generation and help to preserve them.
This seems so apt at present, for years we seem to have been moving away from anything with a simple healthy process, but then in recent years I've noticed a real change... more and more people are growing, cooking, baking, making, fixing and creating! It's simple stuff, but process is the calming, grounding focus that all our minds need from time to time. Thank goodness for deadlines or I would be far too content and relaxed!

Anyway the author Derek Reay is planning a traveling exhibition very soon, based upon the book so I will keep you informed where and when, but for now here is the section written about me and my sticks:

Please click on the image to read the text.

Available at all good independent book stores, or here.