Monday, May 14, 2012

The Giants

I was given a tip off by a friend that some Giant puppets were walking the streets of Liverpool. "Puppets,  I said, "Giant!",  I said, then all prior engagements were cancelled. En famille, we are hitting the 'pool!

The puppets are designed, built and performed by The Royale Deluxe Theatre Company based in Nantes, France. Their visit coincided with the 100 years remembrance of the Titanic .

The story played out over a three day event, saw a 50ft man named 'Uncle' surface from the docks, dressed in a full diving suit dragging with him a container, in which he had a letter for his niece.
The little girl giant (30ft) was searching the streets of Liverpool for her uncle awaiting news of her deceased Father, whom had been stowed away on the titanic as it took its plunge to the sea bed.
We caught up with the 'Uncle', about an hour from the centre of the city and followed him through the streets, he was sitting on the mailbox container with a crew over 40 folk dancing on the crane that operated him. A live band blasted out some great tunes behind him. And then the procession drew to a halt, the music stopped.
The crew started organising themselves directed in French over a loud speaker, the giant began to stand and he took his first step...
He walked fast, so fast we were literally chasing him through the crowds to keep up.
The story unfolded over that weekend and the feeling of witnessing something truly exceptional and magical, inspired me to make some willow puppets!
This is 'Legkiker' my first puppet, pre-strung.
He makes use of some old hacksaw blades, wire, hawthorn, sweet chestnut and of course willow.
And.... This is 'Tapgurl'!

Crude and teeny in comparison, but So much fun.
Here is a video of 'Legkiker' in action:

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