Monday, May 18, 2009

Wakehurst sheep

Blimey what a year! Wakehurst Place, Kews Gardens country gaff commissioned a flock of sheep to replace the original ones that I'd made as part of the Big Draw '07 with visitors from the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew .

After a couple of late nights weaving in the shed, here they are arriving on site 7am may 1st.

jostling for position to get onto the juicy grass..

they were very keen to get out of the van and make their way to the new meadow exhibition opposite the Millennium Seed Bank.

The timber frame buildings on the left here were built on site by Wakehurst staff and all the hurdles were built with the gardens own hazel top marks Ian! very inspiring.

At last, the tasty green stuff!

Thanks to Spencer Jenkins for back up with the weaving and a big thanks going out to Annette and Glyn for putting me up for the night!