Thursday, March 15, 2012


We have been working flat out over the last month to meet a deadline on a very exciting international project that I'll tell you about in a future blog and to add to this excitement, the BBC's Countryfile came down to my workshop, they were filming close by on a small willow bed and wanted to shoot some footage as an end user, working with the material.
We are currently a team of 7 weavers and creatives running super long shifts to meet the tightest of deadlines! So... I kept the arrival of the lovely Ellie Harrison and the charming BBC crew quiet until that morning so as not to distract the rhythm.
On arrival Ellie presented me with some willows, freshly cut from 'Willow Withies', a small holding run by Annette Bridges, and we set about making some woven spheres, she picked up the techniques swiftly and we discussed the sculptures in some detail.
The Filming Crew were brilliant and made the whole filming process very calm and relaxed, as it should be!
It made for a great day and boosted morale for all my crew too. Thanks Ellie and crew!

The program is due to be aired on BBC 1 on the 25th of March.

Below are some 'behind the scenes' shots!