Monday, May 14, 2012

Blood Brothers.

We went to see a play this weekend and were completely spellbound. There were no frills here, no lights, no trickery...  Just human folk, acting out 'real' life. The experience affected me so much that I just had to give it a mention, here, publicly.

Our local theatre, The Concordia in Hinckley, has a reputation of delivering shows to a ridiculously high level, when you consider nearly every aspect of it is ran voluntary. That said I am not a big fan of musicals, my family are deeply rooted within the theatre and as a wee little Tom I have been to tread the boards myself. 

I was tipped off by my mum about this play and as she attempted to describe it to me, she was lost for words... this is highly unusual! However, she then went on to inform me that it was possibly the strongest group of actors that she had seen in one play... Geesus that's strong I thought, none of my family are in it!

The New Theatre Players presented, Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers', produced by Joanne Holt, with a very small cast of enormous talent. The play thankfully was brought back by public demand to be shown last Saturday in Broughton Astley and we were blessed with tickets, to what was another 'Sell Out' performance.

Now having sat down to share this with you, I realise why my mum had struggled how to best describe the play, as when I connect to the raw emotions of Saturday nights experience, I'm welling up now, and its not just me! The audience were in pieces and as for the clean up after, it must have been messy, wading through tear-sodden tissues and hankies.
So instead I will take this opportunity to Congratulate all involved, to say Thank you and Bloody Well Done!