Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poppy seed heads.

These 'Poppy Seed Heads' were designed as a Public Art Feature for a site near to Livingston to marry in with the construction of a new garden center, they are sitting beside the Old Road (A89) to and from Edinburgh.
The seed heads incorporate a steel armature and are woven tightly with a basketry willow. They stand a whopping 5 meters tall and there are 11 in total, some of which lean around and communicate whilst others are a little aloof! They're set against the landscape of the Pentland Hills, which is a stunning site and helps to frame the work.

Incidentally on the drive up North the co-pilot and Sat-Nav system failed me and we were heading as the crow flys directly over the snow laden hills in our 7.5 tonne truck, an executive decision took us around them, safety first!
Standing or driving beneath the poppies is quite a childlike experience and ethereal, which reminds me of being under water looking up at plant life trailing under the surface... hmm, that gives me an idea...


willow dane said...

woow they look good

Salix said...

Super, love your work!