Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pastures Primary School, Leicester.

Pastures primary school in Leicester is celebrating it's 20th anniversary and I was invited along this year as part of the celebrations to make an outdoor classroom for the children within the school grounds!

The week before half term, we got busy with some living willow and planted out a whopping 5 meter diameter structure with the children. The living willow will (as you can see in the pictures) is/will sprout some lovely green leaves to help shelter from the sun and light rain.

Inside it we installed some very strong fresh green oak seating and under that some recycled rubber flooring, to make sure there would be no soggy shoes and socks!

It was an absolute pleasure working with this unique school whom whilst we were working with them, they adopted 11 rescue hens, 1 for each class, they (the chickens!) have a very handsome house, see the image at the bottom, and they're producing super local free range eggs for the parents! Very inspiring... Keep up the good work :)


Salix said...

I love the shape you gave this "hut".

Geoff Forrest said...

That is amazing Tom, really amazing.